The arms of the House of Wurmbrand

Wurmbrand-Stuppach was a mediæval Austrian noble family. In 1701 the house of Wurmbrand-Stuppach was raised to an Imperial County. It was mediatised to Austria in 1806, and lost its privileges in 1920. The lands of Wurmbrand-Stuppach were located entirely in Lower Austria in the Habsburg Domain. Since 1726, Wurmbrand-Stuppach had a seat in the Franconian Bench of Counts.

The Wurmbrand Saga describes the founding of the House of Wurmbrand-Stuppach by a fence builder who killed a dragon with a burning fencepost and married the widowed Countess of Stuppach during the Crusades. The first real, historical mention of the House of Wurmbrand occurred during the forteenth Century, more than 150 years after the Great Crusades. After 1584 the House divided into two lineages, Wurmbrand-Stuppach being one of these.

Imperial Counts of Wurmbrand-Stuppach (1701 - 1920)Edit




John Joseph William 1701 - 1750
Gundacker Thomas 1750 - 1791
Gundacker Henry 1791 - 1846 Mediatised in 1806
Ferdinand Gundacker 1846 - 1896
William Ernest Maria Frederick Gundacker 1896 - 1920 Austria abolished the monarchies in 1920

Other Important Members of the House of Wurmbrand-StuppachEdit