William the Courteous (sometimes called "the Ambitious"; c. 1370 - 1406) was the Duke of Carinthia, Styria, and Margrave of Carniola from 1386 until 1406, and the Duke of Inner Austria from 1386 until 1396.

William was the eldest son of Duke Leopold III of the House of Habsburg. He succeeded his father in all the lands he ruled in 1386. William failed in his attempts to marry Jadwiga of Poland. William then married her first cousin Joan of Naples of the House of Anjou, although the union did not produce any children. William died on 15 July 1406 and was buried in the Ducal Crypt in the Cathedral of St. Stephan in Vienna.

Preceded by:

William the Courteous

Succeeded by:

Leopold III Duke of Carinthia
1386 - 1406
Ernest the Iron
Leopold III Duke of Inner Austria
1386 - 1396
Leopold IV
Leopold III Duke of Styria
1386 - 1406
Ernest the Iron
Leopold III Margrave of Carniola
1386 - 1406
Ernest the Iron
Leopold III Count of Tyrol
1386 - 1406
Frederick IV of the Empty Pocket

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