Wikbold of Holte (German: Wigbold von Holte) (? - 1304) was the Archbishop of Cologne from 1297 until 1304.

Archbishop of CologneEdit

Wikbold was elected the Archbishop of Cologne in May 1297. His election was due largely to the influence wielded by King Adolph of Nassau. Wigbold was considered a very educated man, and he worked to repair the damage wrought by the defeat of the previous archbishop, Sigfried of Westerburg, at the Battle of Worringen. He was accused of being involved in simony. Wikbold died on 26 March 1304 in Soest, where he was also buried.

Preceded by:

Wikbold of Holte

Succeeded by:

Sigfried of Westerburg Archbishop of Cologne
1297 - 1304
Henry II of Virneburg

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