The Upper Rhenish Circle (German: Oberrheinischer Reichskreis) was an Imperial Circle of the Holy Roman Empire. It was created in 1500. The Upper Rhenish Circle contained many states, although many were annexed by France in the 17th Century.



Arms-Basel-Diocese BaselBishopric
Arms-Besançon-Diocese BesançonArchbishopric
BretzenheimLordship1707 - 1804
Arms-Criechingen CriechingenCounty1617 - 1790
Arms-Dagstuhl DagstuhlLordship
Arms-Falkenstein FalkensteinCounty
Arms-FrankfurtMain Frankfurt am MainFree City
Arms-FriedbergWetterau Friedberg in der WetterauFree City
Arms-Fulda-Diocese FuldaBishopric
Arms-Hanau-Lichtenberg Hanau-LichtenbergLordship
Arms-Hanau Hanau-MünzenbergPrincipality
HeitersheimPrincipalityHeld by the Order of St John
Arms-Hersfeld-Abbey HersfeldPrincipalityAbbey before 1648
Arms-Hesse Hesse-CasselLandgraviate
Arms-Hesse Hesse-DarmstadtLandgraviate
Arms-Hesse Hesse-MarburgLandgraviate
Arms-Hesse Hesse-RheinfelsLandgraviate
Arms-Isenburg-Birstein Isenburg-BirsteinPrincipality
Arms-Isenburg Isenburg-BüdingenCounty
Arms-Isenburg-Meerholz Isenburg-MeerholzCounty
Arms-Isenburg Isenburg-WächtersbachCounty
Arms-Konigstein KönigsteinCounty
Arms-Leiningen Leiningen-DagsburgCounty
Arms-Leiningen-Hartenburg Leiningen-HartenburgCounty
Arms-Leiningen-Westerburg Leiningen-WesterburgCounty
MünzfeldenFree Castle
Arms-Nassau-Walramline1660 Nassau-IdsteinPrincipality
Arms-Nassau-Ottweiler Nassau-OttweilerPrincipality
Arms-Nassau-Saarbrücken Nassau-SaarbrückenPrincipality
Arms-Nassau-Walramline1660 Nassau-UsingenPrincipality
Arms-Nassau-Weilburg1548 Nassau-WeilburgPrincipality
Arms-Odenheim-Abbey OdenheimProvostry
Arms-Palatinate Palatinate-LauternCounty Palatine
Arms-Palatinate-Simmern Palatinate-SimmernCounty Palatine
Arms-Palatinate-Zweibrücken Palatinate-VeldenzCounty Palatine
Arms-Palatinate-Zweibrücken Palatinate-ZweibrückenCounty Palatine
Arms-Prüm-Abbey PrümAbbey
Arms-Salm SalmCounty
Arms-Salm Salm-DhaunWild- and Rhinegraviate
Arms-Salm Salm-GrehweilerWild- and Rhinegraviate
Arms-Salm Salm-GrumbachWild- and Rhinegraviate
Arms-Salm Salm-KyrburgPrincipality
Arms-Salm Salm-SteinWild- and Rhinegraviate
Arms-StJohn-Order SavoyDuchy
Arms-Sayn-Wittgenstein Sayn-Wittgenstein-BerleburgCounty
Arms-Sayn-Wittgenstein Sayn-Wittgenstein-WittgensteinCounty
Arms-Solms1 Solms-BraunfelsPrincipality
Arms-Solms1 Solms-Hohensolms-LichPrincipality
Arms-Solms1 Solms-LaubachPrincipality
Arms-Solms1 Solms-RödelheimPrincipality
Arms-Speyer-Diocese SpeyerBishopric
Arms-Speyer SpeyerFree City
Arms-Sponheim-Kreuznach SponheimCounty
Arms-Strasbourg-Diocese StrasbourgBishopric
Arms-Waldeck WaldeckCounty
Arms-Wartenberg WartenbergCounty1707 -
Arms-Weissenburg-Provostry WeissenburgProvostry
Arms-Wetzlar WetzlarFree City
Arms-Wild-Rhine Wild- and RhinegraviateWild- and Rhinegraviate
Arms-Worms-Diocese WormsBishopric
Arms-Worms WormsFree City

Former Estates of the Upper Rheinish CircleEdit



Arms-Bar BarDuchyAnnexed to France in 1634
Arms-Basel BaselFree City
Arms-Colmar ColmarFree CityAnnexed to France in 1697
Arms-Geneva-Diocese GenevaBishopric
Arms-Hagenau HagenauFree CityAnnexed to France in 1648
Arms-Hesse HesseLandgraviate
Arms-Kaysersberg-FreeCity2 KaysersbergFree CityAnnexed to France in 1648
Arms-Landau LandauFree City
Arms-Lausanne LausanneBishopric
Arms-Lorraine LorraineDuchyAnnexed to France in 1634
Arms-Metz-Diocese1 MetzBishopricAnnexed to France in 1552
Arms-Metz MetzImperial CityAnnexed to France in 1552
Mörsberg and BelfortLordship
Arms-Murbach-Abbey MurbachAbbey
Arms-Mulhouse MulhouseFree City
Arms-MunsterStGregoriental MunsterFree CityAnnexed to France in 1678
Arms-Obernai Oberehnheim (Obernai)Free CityAnnexed to France in 1678
Arms-Orange OrangePrincipality
Arms-Reichenstein ReichensteinLordship
Arms-Rosheim RosheimFree CityAnnexed to France in 1678
Arms-Sarrebourg Sarrebourg (Saarburg)Free City
Arms-Selestat Sélestat (Schlettstadt)Free CityAnnexed to France in 1678
Arms-StJohn-Order Order of St JohnKnightly Order
Arms-Valais SionBishopric
Arms-Strasbourg StrasbourgFree CityAnnexed to France in 1681
Arms-Toul-Diocese ToulBishopricAnnexed to France in 1545
Arms-Toul-FreeCity ToulFree CityAnnexed to France in 1545
Arms-Turckheim-FreeCity TürkheimFree CityAnnexed to France in 1678
Arms-Veldenz VeldenzCounty
Arms-Verdun-Diocese VerdunBishopricAnnexed to France in 1545
Arms-Verdun VerdunFree CityAnnexed to France in 1545
Arms-Westerburg WesterburgCounty
Arms-Wissembourg-FreeCity Wissembourg (Weissenburg)Free City
Arms-Wittgenstein WittgensteinCounty
Arms-Zweibrucken-Bitsch ZweibrückenCounty

Upper Rhenish Circle
Ecclesiastical Princes
Basel | Fulda | Heitersheim | Odenheim | Prüm | Speyer | Strasbourg | Weissenburg | Worms

Temporal Princes
Hersfeld | Hesse-Cassel | Hesse-Darmstadt | Isenburg-Birstein | Lautern | Nassau-Idstein | Nassau-Ottweiler | Nassau-Saarbrücken
Nassau-Usingen | Nassau-Weilburg | Nomeny | Salm | Simmern | Savoy | Solms-Braunfels | Sponheim | Veldenz

Counts and Lords
Bretzenheim | Dagstuhl | Falkenstein| Hanau-Lichtenberg | Hanau-Münzenberg | Isenburg-Büdingen | Isenburg-Meerholz
Isenburg-Wächtersbach | Königstein | Kriechingen | Leiningen-Dagsburg | Leiningen-Hartenburg | Leiningen-Westerburg | Münzfelden
Ollbrück | Reipoltskirchen | Salm-Dhaun | Salm-Grehweiler | Salm-Grumbach | Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg | Sayn-Wittgenstein-Wittgenstein
Solms-Hohensolms-Lich | Solms-Laubach | Solms-Rödelheim | Wartenberg

Imperial Cities
Frankfurt | Friedberg | Speyer | Wetzlar | Worms

Eariler Members
Bar | Basel | Colmar | Blankenberg | Gelnhausen | Geneva | Hagenau | Hochkönigsburg | Kaufungen | Kaysersberg | Lausanne | Lorraine
Metz (bishopric) | Metz (city) | Mörsberg and Belfort | Mülhausen | Munster (abbey) | Munster (city) | Oberrehnheim | Orange | Pless
Reichenstein | Rosheim | Sarrebourg | Schlettstadt | St John | Sion | Strasbourg | Toul (bishopric) | Toul (city) | Türkheim | Verdun (bishopric)
Verdun (city) | Westerberg | Wittgenstein | Zweibrücken

Imperial Circles
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