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A Brief Timeline of History

Before History Even Began (4,000,000,000 BCE - 1900 CE) Edit

Early Human Development (150,000 BCE - 1700 BCE) Edit

The Earliest Civilizations (4000 BCE - 184 CE)Edit

Religion & Philosophy (600 BCE - 570 CE)Edit

Rise and Collapse of the Roman Empire (510 BCE - 395 CE) Edit

The Rise of Christianity (4 BCE - 337 CE)Edit

History of Asia during the Decay of the Western Empires (323 BCE - 907 CE)Edit

The Rise and Collapse of the Islamic Caliphate (570 CE - 1924 CE)Edit

Christianity and the Crusades (600 - 1517)Edit

The Protestant Reformation in Europe (1517 - 1648) Edit

Revival and Awakenings in America (1600 - Present) Edit

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