Theodoric V of Isenburg-Kempenich (German: Dietrich V. der Senger von Isenburg-Kempenich), called "the Arsonist", was the co-Lord of Isenburg-Kempenich from 1329 until 1330.

Theodoric V was a son of Theodoric IV. After his father's death in 1329, he and his brother Simon I succeeded him, with his cousin Gerard II who was supported by the Archbishop of Trier. In 1330, Simon made himself the sole ruler of Kempenich, sparking a succession war in which Gerard II brought in his allies, the Counts and Lords of Landskron, Rheineck, Schönberg, Eich, Ölbruck and the Archbishop. Theodoric supported Simon and together brought in their allies, and formed the "White Sleeves" against Gerard's "Red Sleeves".

Both sides plundered and terrified the population in and around Kempenich, and Theodoric was the most brutal and barbaric of all the involved lords, earning him the title 'the Arsonist'. He was, however, soon captured by Gerard of Landskron and thrown into a dungeon.

Preceded by:

Theodoric V

Succeeded by:

Theodoric IV Lord of Isenburg-Kempenich
1329 - 1330
with... Simon I and Gerard II
1329 - 1330
Simon I