Theodoric Schenk of Erbach (German: Dietrich Schenk von Erbach) (? - 6 May 1459) was the Archbishop of Mainz from 1434 until 1459.

Theodoric was a son of Arch-Cupbearer Eberhard VI of Erbach. He was a cathedral member of Mainz when on 6 July 1434 he was elected its archbishop. Theodoric was confirmed by Pope Eugene IV on 20 October. At the Council of Basel Theodoric maintained a neutral position and tried to mediate between both sides. In 1439 he managed to get all the German princes and the King to recognise Eugene as the legal pope. Theodoric died in Aschaffenburg in 1459.

Preceded by:

Theodoric Schenk of Erbach

Succeeded by:

Conrad III of Wild-Rhine-Dhaun Archbishop of Mainz
1419 - 1434
Theodoric of Isenburg-Büdingen

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