Theodoric I of Hengebach (German: Dietrich I von Hengebach) (c1150 - 1224) was the Archbishop of Cologne from 1208 until 1215.

Early lifeEdit

Theodoric's origins are unknown. He was a member of the Abbacy of St. Aposteln in Cologne.

Archbishop of CologneEdit

Theodoric was elected Archbishop of Cologne in 1208, and he received priestly consecration on 24 May 1209. The Archbishop of Mainz Sigfried II of Eppenstein deposed Theodoric in 1212 on behalf of Pope Honorius III, thus beginning an expensive three year campaign in Italy to keep the Archbishopric. The Papal Courts declared Theodoric deposed in 1215 and the decision final, and ordered the Cologne Cathedral to elect the next Archbishop. The Archbishopric continued to pay costs associated with the trial until 1238.

Life After the ArchbishopricEdit

Theodoric returned to St. Aposteln after his deposition. He died there in 1224.

Preceded by:

Theodoric I of Hengebach

Succeeded by:

Bruno IV of Sayn Archbishop of Cologne
1208 - 1215
Engelbert I of Berg