Theodoric II of Moers (German: Dietrich II von Moers) (1400 - 1463) was the Archbishop of Cologne from 1414 until 1463 and the Bishop of Padeborn (as Theodoric III) from 1415 until 1463.

Theodoric II was the third son of Count Frederick III of Moers. Two of his brothers, Henry and Walram, were Bishops of Münster. Theodoric II became a Provost in Bonn, a city ruled by his uncle Archbishop Frederick III of Saarwerden of Cologne.

After his uncle died in 1414, Theodoric was elected the Archbishop of Cologne on 24 May. The election of Theodoric caused controversy as he had not the papal license to be a priest, and he only acquired these through imperial assistance and payments in October 1414. Theodoric was consecrated a priest on 3 November, and he was consecrated a bishop on 3 February the following year. One of the first acts of Theodoric was to crown the Emperor Sigismund of Luxembourg.

Theodoric was considered by contemporaries as a remarkable man of oxymorons: he was a pious and effective priest but also actively was involved in the temporal affairs of the archbishopric; he lived in wealth and decadent luxury but was very generous and charitable. During his rule the monasteries flourished. In 1415 he became the administer of the Bishopric of Paderborn, although he only acquired it by marrying his niece Anna of Tecklenburg to one of the contractors. Throughout his reign, Theodoric attempted to unite Paderborn to the Archbishopric although these efforts were successfully resisted by the cathedral canon of Paderborn.

From 1444 until 1449, Theodoric was involved in the Soester Feud with the County of the Marck, and the Duchies of Cleves and Burgundy. Despite actively participating in numerous military campaigns Theodoric also strengthened the position of the church, although his abilities were limited through his interest in monastic politics and his effective disinterest.

Theodoric died on 14 February 1463 and was buried in Cologne Cathedral.

Preceded by:

Theodoric of Moers

Succeeded by:

Frederick III of Saarwerden Archbishop of Cologne
1414 - 1463
Rupert of the Palatinate
William of Jülich-Berg Bishop of Padeborn
1415 - 1463
Simon III of Lippe