When the Roman Empire split up for the last time in 395, the Eastern part was given over to Arcadius, with his capital being in Constantinople.. Unlike the Western Roman Empire, the Eastern Roman Empire was not as subject to invasion. Nonetheless, by the time of Theodosius II, the walls of Constantinople were being fortified. Additionally, Theodosius was doing his best to maintain good relations with the Huns.

Age of Justinian IEdit

as the Western Empire continued to collapse to its final demise sometime in the late 470's, the Eastern Empire continued to grow in strength and influence. In 527, Justinian I acceded to the throne. After securing military peace along the eastern borders in 532, Justinian began the reconquest of the Roman Empire in 533. By 535 Justinian was engaged in returning Italy to Roman control, a process that was not completed until 552. By 554 the Byzantines had managed to extend their influence all the way to the Iberian peninsula.

After Justinian died in 565, Byzantine control over the western empire started unraveling. By 600 the Byzantines had lost most of Italy and just about everything to the west of Italy as well. By then, the Byzantines were more concerned with events to the east.

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