The territories of the Swabian Circle

The Swabian Circle (German: Schwäbischer Reichskreis) was an Imperial Circle of the Holy Roman Empire. It was created in 1500 comprising of a great number of states (most emerging after the collapse of the old Duchy of Swabia), although only Württemberg, Baden, and the Bishopric of Augsburg were of any great importance. The circle lost several members in the 16th and 17th Centuries to the growing Swiss Confederation which was confirmed by the Peace of Westphalia in 1648.



Arms-Aalen-pre1956 AalenFree City
Arms-Augsburg-Diocese AugsburgBishopric
Arms-Augsburg AugsburgFree City
Arms-Baden Baden-BadenMargraviate
Arms-Baden Baden-DurlachMargraviate
Arms-BiberachRiss Biberach an der RissFree City
Arms-Bopfingen BopfingenFree City
Arms-BadBuchau BuchauFree City
Arms-Friedrichshafen BuchhornFree City
Arms-Constance-Diocese ConstanceBishopric
Arms-Dinkelsbühl DinkelsbühlFree City
Arms-Eberstein EbersteinCounty
EglingenLordship1555 - 1806
Arms-Eglofs EglofsLordship1661 - 1806
Arms-Ellwangen-Provostry EllwangenProvostry
Arms-EsslingenNeckar Esslingen am NeckarFree City
Arms-Fugger FuggerCounty1563 - 1806; territories of the House of Fugger
Arms-Gengenbach-Abbey GengenbachAbbey
Arms-Gengenbach GengenbachFree City
Arms-GiengenBrenz Giengen an der BrenzFree City
Arms-Gundelfingen GundelfingenLordship
Arms-Hachberg HachbergMargraviate
Arms-Hausen-Swabia HausenLordship
Arms-Heilbronn HeilbronnFree City
Arms-Heiligenberg HeiligenbergCounty
Arms-Hohenems HohenemsCounty
Arms-Geroldseck HohengeroldseckLordship
Arms-Zollern Hohenzollern-HechingenPrincipality
Arms-Zollern Hohenzollern-SigmaringenCounty
Arms-Irsee-Abbey IrseeAbbey
Arms-Isny Isny im AllgäuFree City
Kaisersheim (Kaisheim)Abbey
Arms-Kaufbeuren KaufbeurenFree City
Arms-Kempten-Abbey KemptenAbbey
Arms-Kempten1500s-1818 KemptenFree City
Arms-Konigsegg KönigseggCounty
Arms-Leutkirch Leutkirch im AllgäuFree City
Arms-Liechtenstein LiechtensteinPrincipality1707 - 1806
Arms-LindauBodensee-FreeCity LindauFree City
Arms-Teutonic-Order MainauCommanderyAdministrative territory of the Teutonic Order
Arms-Memmingen MemmingenFree City
Mindelheim and SchwabeggLordship
NeresheimAbbey1767 - 1806
Arms-Nordlingen NördlingenFree City
Arms-Ochsenhausen-Abbey OchsenhausenAbbey
Arms-Offenburg OffenburgFree City
Arms-Ottingen2 Öttingen-BaldernCounty
Arms-Ottingen2 Öttingen-ÖttingenCounty
Arms-Ottingen2 Öttingen-WallersteinCounty
Arms-Petershausen-Abbey PetershausenAbbey
Arms-Pfullendorf PfullendorfFree City
Arms-Ravensburg RavensburgFree City
Arms-Reutlingen ReutlingenFree City
Arms-Roggenburg-Abbey RoggenburgAbbey
Arms-Roth-Abbey RothAbbey
Arms-Rottweil RottweilFree City
Arms-StGall-Abbey St GallAbbey
St George in IsnyAbbey1782 - 1806
Arms-Salmannsweiler-Abbey2 Salmannsweiler (Salem)Abbey
Arms-SchwäbischGmünd Schwäbisch GmündFree City
Arms-SchwäbischHall Schwäbisch HallFree City
Arms-Sickingen SickingenCounty1792 - 1806
SöfflingenAbbey1773 - 1806
Arms-Staufen StaufenLordship
Arms-Montfort Tettnang and ArgenLordship
ThannhausenLordship1677 - 1806
Arms-Thengen ThengenCounty1664 - 1806
Arms-Uberlingen ÜberlingenFree City
Arms-Ulm1351-1803 UlmFree City
Arms-Ursberg-Abbey UrsbergAbbey
Arms-Waldburg1 Waldburg-ScheerArchstewardship
Arms-Waldburg1 Waldburg-Wolfegg-WaldseeArchstewardship
Arms-Waldburg1 Waldburg-Wolfegg-WolfeggArchstewardship
Arms-Waldburg1 Waldburg-Zeil-TrachburgArchstewardship
Arms-Waldburg1 Waldburg-Zeil-WurzachArchstewardship
Arms-Waldburg1 Waldburg-Zeil-ZeilArchstewardship
Arms-Wangen Wangen im AllgäuFree City
Arms-Weil Weil der StadtFree City
Arms-Weingarten-Abbey WeingartenAbbey
Arms-Wettenhausen-Abbey WettenhausenProvostry
Arms-BadWimpfen WimpfenFree City
Arms-Württemberg WürttembergDuchy
Arms-ZellHarmersbach Zell am HarmersbachFree City
ZwiefaltenAbbey1750 - 1806

Former Estates of the Swabian CircleEdit



Arms-Constance ConstanceFree City
Arms-Disentis-Abbey DisentisAbbey
Arms-Falkenstein FalkensteinLordship
Arms-Geroldseck GeroldseckCounty
Arms-Helfenstein HelfensteinCounty
Kirchberg and WeissenhornCounty
Arms-Kreutzlingen-Abbey KreuzlingenAbbey
Arms-Lowenstein LöwensteinCounty
Arms-Lupfen LupfenCounty
Arms-Pfäfers-Abbey PfäfersAbbey
Arms-Reichenau-Abbey ReichenauAbbey
Arms-StGall St GallFree City
St John im TuritalAbbey
St Peter im SchwarzwaldAbbey
SchaffhausenFree City
Arms-Schuttern-Abbey SchutternAbbey
Arms-Donauwörth Schwäbisch Wörth (Donauwörth)Free City
Stein am RheinAbbey
Arms-Sulz SulzCounty
Arms-Tübingen TübingenCounty Palatine
Arms-Werdenberg-Sargans WerdenbergCounty
Arms-Zimmern ZimmernLordship

Swabian Circle
Ecclesiastical Princes
Augsburg | Constance | Ellwangen | Kempten | Lindau

Secular Princes
Baden-Baden | Baden-Durlach | Buchau | Heiligenberg | Hochberg | Hohenzollern-Hechingen | Klettgau
Liechtenstein | Thengen | Württemberg

Baindt | Elchingen | Gengenbach | Gutenzell | Heggbach | Irsee | Kaisersheim | Marchtal | Neresheim | Ochsenhausen | Petershausen
Roggenburg | Roth | Rottenmünster | St Gall | Salmannsweiler | Schussenried | Söfflingen | Teutonic Order | Ursberg | Weingarten
Weissenau | Wettenhausen | Zwiefalten

Counts and Lords
Aulendorf | Baar | Bonndorf | Eberstein | Eglingen | Eglofs | Fugger | Gundelfingen | Gutenstein | Hausen | Heiligenberg | Hohenems
Hohengeroldseck | Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen | Justingen | Königsegg | Messkirch | Mindelheim and Schwabegg | Öttingen-Baldern
Öttingen-Öttingen | Öttingen-Wallerstein | Rothenfels | Staufen | Stühlingen | Tettnang and Argen | Thannhausen
Waldburg-Wolfegg-Waldsee | Waldburg-Zeil-Wurzach | Wiesensteig

Imperial Cities and Villages
Aalen | Augsburg | |Biberach | Bopfingen | Buchau | Buchhorn | Constance | Dinkelsbühl | Esslingen | Gengenbach | Giengen | Heilbronn
Isny | Kaufbeuren | Kempten | Leutkirch | Lindau | Memmingen | Nördlingen | Offenburg | Pfullendorf | Ravensburg | Reutlingen
Rottweil | Schwäbisch Gmünd | Schwäbisch Hall | Überlingen | Ulm | |Wangen | Weil | Wimpfen | Zell

Earlier Members
Diessen | Disentis | Einsiedeln | Falkenstein | Geroldseck | Helffenstein | Kirchberg-Weissenhorn | Königsbronn | Kreuzlingen | Löwenstein
Lupfen | |Maulbronn | Pfäfers | Reichenau St Gall | St John | St Peter | Schaffhausen (abbey) | Schaffhausen (city) | Schuttern
Schwäbisch Wörth | Stein | Sulz | Tübingen | Werdenberg | Zimmern

Imperial Circles
Austrian | Bavarian | Burgundian | Electoral Rhenish | Franconian | Lower Rhenish-Westphalian
Lower Saxon | Swabian | Upper Rhenish | Upper Saxon

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