Sigismund Francis (1630 - 1665) was the Bishop of Augsburg from 1646 until 1665, the Bishop of Gurk from 1652 until 1665, the Bishop of Trent from 1659 until 1665, and the Count of the Tyrol from 1662 until 1665.

Sigismund Francis was born in Innsbruck on 27 November 1630 the second son of Archduke Leopold V of the Tyrol and Claudia de' Medici. In 1646 he was ordained the Bishop of Augsburg despite not having received priestly consecrations. He was also elected the Bishop of Gurk in 1652 and the Bishop of Trent in 1659. After his brother Ferdinand Charles died in 1662, Sigismund Francis succeeded him in the Tyrol. He could have been a far more competent ruler than his brother, but his early death in 1665 marked the end of the Junior Tyrolean Line of the House of Habsburg and Tyrol was directly taken over by the Holy Roman Emperor Leopold II.

Preceded by:

Sigismund Francis

Succeeded by:

Henry V of Knorringen Bishop of Augsburg
1646 - 1665
John Christopher of Freyberg
Francis of Lodron Bishop of Gurk
1653 - 1665
Wenzel of Thun-Hohnstein
Charles Emanuel di Madruzzo Bishop of Trent
1659 - 1665
Ernest Albert of Harrach
Ferdinand Charles Count of the Tyrol
1662 - 1665
Leopold VIII

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