Salentin of Isenburg-Kempenich was a Lord of Isenburg-Kempenich co-ruling with his brothers Rosemann and Theodoric II.

Salentin was a son of Theodoric I of Isenburg-Kempenich who co-ruled with his brother Florentin. After the death of his father and uncle, Salentin and his brothers became the lords of Kempenich. Salentin, the eldest, became the most important of the three brothers. Salentin was mentioned as a witness, alone from his brothers, to the founding of the Abbey of Laach in 1213. Salentin died sometime after. His son Theodoric III eventually succeeded.

Preceded by:


Succeeded by:

Florentin Lord of Isenburg-Kempenich
with... Rosemann and Theodoric II
Rosemann and Theodoric II

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