Rudolph of Zähringen (German: Rudolf von Zähringen) (c.1135 - 5 August 1191) was the Archbishop of Mainz from 1160 until 1161, and the Bishop of Liège from 1167 until 1191.

Rudolph was a son of Duke Conrad I of Zähringen. In 1160 the citizens of Mainz elected him the archbishop in succession to Arnold of Selenhofen, however he was not recognised by the Emperor Frederick I Barbarossa due to tensions between the Zähringens and Hohenstauffens. At the Council of Lodi Rudolph was deposed and excommunicated and was succeeded by Christian I of Buch. In 1167 he was appointed the Bishop of Liège, and received the support of his brother Duke Berthold IV. On 11 May 1188 led an army on Crusade to the Holy Land, and fought at Acco. Rudolph died on return in Herdern, and was buried in the Abbey of St Peter in Schwarzwald.

Preceded by:

Rudolph of Zähringen

Succeeded by:

Arnold of Selenhofen Archbishop of Mainz
1160 - 1161
opposed by... Christian I of Buch
1160 - 1161
Christian I of Buch
Alexander II of Orle Bishop of Liège
1167 - 1191
Albert I of Löwen