Richbod was the Bishop of Trier from 791 until 792 and the Archbishop of Trier from 792 until 804, the Abbot of Lorsch from 784, and the Abbot of Mettlach from c. 792.

Richbod was a pupil of Alkuin, whose teachings of antiquities of Rome and Greece led to a flourishing of Frankish court life. Indeed, it is said that Richbod knew the works of Virgil better than the bible. Little is known of his life ruling the bishopric or the abbeys. He surrounded Lorsch with a wall, and surrounded the tomb of St Nazarius with marble, gold and silver construction. He died in Trier in 792 and was buried in Lorsch.

Preceded by:


Succeeded by:

Wermad Bishop of Trier
791 - 792
Archbishop of Trier
792 - 804

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