Raynald of Dassel (German: Rainald von Dassel, also Reinald von Dassel) (c1120 - 1167) was the Archbishop of Cologne from 1159 until 1167.

Early lifeEdit

Raynald was the second son of Count Raynald I of Dassel. He was educated in the Cathedral school in Hildesheim, and he trained for priesthood in Paris. In c. 1146 he became a deacon and Provost in Hildesheim, and he represented Bishop of Hildesheim Berthold II of Rothenburg at the Council of Reims in 1148. In May of 1156 the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick I Barbarossa promoted him to an Arch-Chancellor, being made the Arch-Chancellor of Italy in 1158.

Archbishop of CologneEdit

Raynald was elected in absence the Archbishop of Cologne in 1159. He participated in the Council of Pavia in 1160 which supported Octaviano de Montecello (Anti-Pope Victor IV against Orlando de Bandinelli (as Pope Alexander III) as the new pope, after the latter had been elected within days of the death of Pope Adrian IV despite the fact there had not been any cardinals there to vote. In 1163 he became occupied with campaigning against Alexander III. He received war plunder in 1164 from the Emperor Frederick I following the Siege of Milan, and used some of it to decorate Cologne Cathedral and to build a new palace. Under pressure from other German bishops in 1165, Raynald left Würzburg for Cologne where he consecrated Charlemagne, an act recognised by the Antipope Paschal III. He died in 1167 while on campaign in Italy, after the capture of Rome and an outbreak of malaria. He was buried in Cologne Cathedral.

Preceded by:

Raynald of Dassel

Succeeded by:

Frederick II of Berg Archbishop of Cologne
1159 - 1167
Philip I of Heinsberg

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