When Canada was given its Dominion status in the year 1867, it was an agarian nation with no government welfare programs for lower-class families. Everyone had to pull his own weight in society (as women were discouraged to join the work force prior to World War I). Prior to the 1920s, factories were only seen in Southern Ontario and Southern Quebec. A rebellion in the Canadian west headed by Louis Riel's Metis forces failed and the trans-Canada railway was eventually connected from the east coast to modern day Vancouver, British Columbia. Socialism didn't gain popularity until the 1930s due to the country's Roman Catholic stance on politics.

Between the years 1898 and 1914, life was boring in Canada. The Prairie region was finally tamed and farmers were beginning to take over the wide open grazing land which once belonged to buffalo. Meanwhile, the Canadian Olympic team had to deal with huge expenses to transport themselves to the Olympic Games and started to rely on the banking system to raise funds.

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