Poppo of Babenberg (c. 968 - 16 June 1047) was the Archbishop of Trier from 1016 until 1047.

Poppo was a son of Margrave Leopold I of Austria. Poppo was educated at Regensburg, and in 1007 was appointed by the Emperor Henry the Saint the cathedral provost of the newly created Bishopric of Bamberg. In 1015 after the death of Archbishop Megingod of Trier on Christmas Eve, the Emperor appointed Poppo the new Archbishop of Trier, and received papal confirmation the following year.

From 1028 until 1030 Poppo participated on Crusade the Holy Land with the monk St Simeon of Trier. From 1037 until 1047 he greatly expanded the cathedral of Trier to the west. Poppo died during an inspection of the construction work, and was buried in the newly donated Abbey of St Simeon.

Preceded by:

Poppo of Babenberg

Succeeded by:

Megingod Archbishop of Trier
1016 - 1047

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