Philip II of Daun-Oberstein (German: Philipp II von Daun-Oberstein) (1463 - 1515) was the Archbishop of Cologne from 1508 until 1515.

Early lifeEdit

Philip II was the fourth son of Count Wirich IV of Daun-Oberstein. He was sent to Cologne for religious education at an early age and obtained several important offices by 1489 in Cologne and also Trier.

Archbishop of CologneEdit

Philip II was elected the archbishop of Cologne on 13 November 1508, after the main rival candidate Eric of Saxe-Lauenburg withdrew. He received papal confirmation on 31 January 1509 and received his bishops consecration on 14 November 1509. He continued the policies of his predecessor Herman IV of Hesse, and inherited from him the controversy surrounding the independence of the city of Cologne. Philip's provincial synods are well-known. Philip died in Bonn in 1515, and was buried next to Herman IV of Hesse in Cologne Cathedral.

Preceded by:

Philip II of Daun-Oberstein

Succeeded by:

Herman IV of Hesse Archbishop of Cologne
1508 - 1515
Herman V of Wied