After World War II, Canada still used the old Dominion flag and used Great Britain's constitution. In 1967, Canada developed the Maple Leaf flag and in 1982, Canada finally developed their own constitution. For the first 30 years after World War II, Canada was swamped with rock and roll music, feminism, communism, and gay rights activists. Homosexuality was later decriminalized in the year 1969. By the year 1975, universal healthcare was widely accepted by all Canadians.

In the 1980s, Canada was considered to be a socialist country with subsidized drugs, free emergency healthcare, and subsidized hydro (electricity) service. After the year 1991, these socialistic programs were cut back in favor of a growing trend towards capitalism which charges service fees to services once rendered free of charge.

Prior to the year 2006, Canada had a virtually undefended border with the United States of America and Canadian citizens only needed a birth certificate to pass. Now they need a passport to cross the border, signifying security concerns and possible straining of American-Canadian relations.

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