Megingod (also called Megingaud) (? - 24 December 1015) was the Archbishop of Trier from 1008 until 1015.

Megingod's parents are unknown, but it is believed he originated in the region of Franconia near Mainz. Megingod became the provost of the cathedral of Mainz. He was elected by the cathedral chapter of Trier as their new archbishop, however Adalbero of Luxembourg instead seized Trier for himself. With the support of the Pope and the Emperor, Megingod invaded and captured Trier but once the emperor left was repelled to Coblenz on the Rhine. In 1012 he participated in the consecration of the cathedral of Bamberg. In the spring of 1015 Adalbero finally capitulated but still retained his residence in Trier. Megingod died on Christmas Eve 1015.

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Ludolph Archbishop of Trier
1008 - 1015
against... Adalbero of Luxembourg
Poppo of Babenberg