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Maximilian Henry of Bavaria

Maximilian Henry of Bavaria (German: Maximilian Heinrich von Bayern) (1621 - 1688) was the Archbishop of Cologne from 1650 until 1688, the Bishop of Hildesheim from 1650 until 1688, the Bishop of Liège from 1650 until 1688, the Bishop of Münster from 1683 until 1688, the Provost of Berchtesgaden from 1650 until 1688, and the Abbot of Stablo-Malmedy in 1657.until 1650.

Maximilian Henry was the third son of Landgrave Albert II of Leuchtenberg. In 1642 he was appointed by his uncle Ferdinand of Bavaria the coadjutor of the Archbishopric of Cologne, and he took over the ruling of the dioceses he ruled. He was elected the Archbishop of Cologne, the Bishops of Liège and Hildesheim, and the Provost of Berchtesgaden after Ferdinand died. He was also elected the Bishop of Münster in 1683 although he never received papal confirmation. In 1657 he was also the Abbot of Stablo-Malmedy.

Maximilian Henry was considered a shy person, and from 1673 he spent most of his time in the Abbacy of St. Pantaleon in Cologne. Maximilian Henry died on 5 June 1688 and was buried in Cologne Cathedral.

Preceded by:

Theodoric I of Hengebach

Succeeded by:

Ferdinand of Bavaria Archbishop of Cologne
1650 - 1688
Joseph Clemens of Bavaria
Ferdinand of Bavaria Bishop of Hildesheim
1650 - 1688
Jobst Edmund of Brabeck
Ferdinand of Bavaria Bishop of Liège
1650 - 1688
John Louis of Elderen
Ferdinand II of Fürstenberg Bishop of Münster
1683 - 1688
Frederick Christian of Plettenberg
Ferdinand of Bavaria Provost of Berchtesgaden
1650 - 1688
Joseph Clemens of Bavaria
William II of Bavaria Abbot of Stablo-Malmedy
Francis Egon I of Fürstenberg

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