Max Frederick of Konigsegg-R

Maximilian Frederick of Königsegg-Rothenfels (German: Maximilian Friedrich von Königsegg-Rothenfels) (1708 - 1784) was the Archbishop of Cologne from 1761 until 1784.

Early lifeEdit

Maximilian Frederick was a son of Count Albert Eusebius of Königsegg-Rothenfels, a small County of southern Swabia. He attended the Jesuit schools in Altötting, Cologne, and Strasbourg. He became a member of the Cathedral of Cologne in 1725, and from 1731 became a member of the Cathedral of Strasbourg and the Canon of St. Geron in Cologne.

Archbishop of Cologne and Bishop of MünsterEdit

Maximilian Frederick was unanimously elected the Archbishop of Cologne on 6 April 1761 and Bishop of Münster. Contemporaries describe him as possessing solid principles and morals, pious, a good judge, and kind. As archbishop though these principles were worthless as he completely neglected the duties of his office, which were instead taken up by his prime minister Caspar Anthony of Belderbusch. In 1777 he founded the Academy of Bonn. He died in Bonn on 15 April 1784 and was buried in Cologne Cathedral.

Preceded by:

Maximilian Frederick of Königsegg-Rothenfels

Succeeded by:

Clemens Augustus I of Bavaria Archbishop of Cologne
1761 - 1784
Maximilian Francis of Austria
Clemens Augustus I of Bavaria Bishop of Münster
1761 - 1784
Maximilian Francis of Austria

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