Margraviate of Carinthia
Markgrafschaft Kärnten
788 - 1258

Established 788
Abolished 1258

The Margraviate of Carinthia was an Imperial Estate of the Holy Roman Empire, located in the modern Austrian state of Carinthia and the Slovenian province of Carinthia.

The Margraviate was created in 788 from the former Principality of Karantania by the Emperor Charlemagne as a fief of the Duchy of Bavaria. In 820 the March was ruled directly by the Dukes, but with the creation of the Duchy of Carinthia in 876 it was recreated and passed to the House of Luitpolding. With the extinction of the Luitpoldings in 1011 it came to the House of Eppenstein which ruled it with little interruption until the death of Meinhard I in 1258. It was then abolished and its lands passed directly to the Dukes of Carinthia.

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