Marcus Claudius Marcellus was the name of several people in ancient Rome, and the known ones are listed here, and they are all related, starting with the M. Cl. Marcellus who was consul in 331 BCE, the earliest record of a Marcus Claudius Marcellus.

Family Branch AEdit

This is the main branch of the Marcelli, and this page shows all the Marcus's in the family. These Marcus Claudius Marcellus's were all related to each other, most being directly related from father to son. For simplification, Marcus is abbreviated to "M.", Claudius to "Cl." and Gaius to "C.".

Family Branch BEdit

This family stem from a Marcus Claudius Marcellus who was a legate in 90 BCE. We have no record of the link between him and the main branch of the family, but there certainly would have been one. He gave his first child the agnomen "Aeserninus", which was continued through the line.

Uncertain lineageEdit

These men are people whose lineage has been lost to us, and we just know them singly.

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