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Macedonia most commonly refers to:

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Macedonia, Makedonia, Makedonija or Makedoniya may refer to:

  • FK Makedonija Gjorče Petrov, football club in the Republic of Macedonia
  • FC Macedonia, football club in Bulgaria 1941-1944
  • Macedonia (food), fruit salad or vegetable dish
  • Makedonia (dance), Greek folk song
  • Macedonia (comics), book by Harvey Pekar and Heather Roberson
  • Thessaloniki International Airport "Macedonia", airport in Thessaloniki, Greece


  • Makedonia TV, Greek television station
  • Makedonia (newspaper), Greek newspaper (est. 1911)
  • Nova Makedonija, or "New Macedonia", newspaper from the Republic of Macedonia (est. 1944)
  • Makedonia (Bulgarian newspaper), 19th century Bulgarian newspaper published until 1872


  • Makedoniya, Bulgarian small cargo ship in service 1932-41
  • Makedonia, Greek passenger ship in service 1984-85

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