The Lower Saxon Circle (German: Niedersächsischer Reichskreis) was an Imperial Circle of the Holy Roman Empire. It was created in 1500. The Lower Saxon Circle had estates ruled by various foreign powers throughout its time, namely Denmark, Sweden, and Great Britain.



Arms-Blankenburg BlankenburgCounty1500 - 1599; 1652 - 1806
Arms-Bremen-Diocese BremenDuchy
Arms-Bremen BremenFree City
Arms-Brunswick-Luneburg1500s Brunswick-GrubenhagenDuchy1500 - 1596; 1652 - 1806
Arms-Brunswick-Luneburg1500s Brunswick-CalenbergDuchy
Arms-Brunswick-Luneburg1600s Brunswick-LüneburgDuchy
Arms-Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel1700s Brunswick-WolfenbüttelDuchy
Arms-Goslar GoslarFree City
Arms-Halberstadt-Diocese HalberstadtPrincipality
Arms-Hamburg HamburgFree City
Arms-Hildesheim-Diocese1 HildesheimBishopric
Arms-Schaumburg Holstein-GlückstadtDuchy
Arms-Schaumburg Holstein-GottorpDuchy
Arms-Saxe-Lauenburg LauenburgDuchy
Arms-Lübeck-Diocese LübeckBishopric
Arms-Lubeck LübeckFree City
Arms-Magdeburg-Diocese MagdeburgDuchy
Arms-Mecklenburg1500s Mecklenburg-GüstrowDuchy
Arms-Mecklenburg1500s Mecklenburg-SchwerinDuchy
Arms-Mecklenburg-Strelitz1648 Mecklenburg-StrelitzDuchy
Arms-Muhlhausen-Thuringia MühlhausenFree City
Arms-Nordhausen NordhausenFree City
Arms-Rantzau RantzauCounty1662 - 1806
Arms-Ratzeburg-Diocese RatzeburgPrincipality
Arms-Regenstein RegensteinCounty
Arms-Schwerin-Prince SchwerinPrincipality

Former Estates of the Lower Saxon CircleEdit



Arms-Bremen-Diocese BremenArchbishopric
Arms-Halberstadt-Diocese HalberstadtBishopric
Arms-Schaumburg HolsteinDuchy
Arms-Magdeburg-Diocese MagdeburgArchbishopric
Arms-Mecklenburg MecklenburgDuchy
Arms-Ratzeburg-Diocese RatzeburgBishopric
Arms-Schleswig-Diocese SchleswigBishopric
Arms-Schwerin-Diocese2 SchwerinBishopric

Lower Saxon Circle
Blankenburg | Bremen (duchy) | Bremen (city) | Brunswick-Calenberg | Brunswick-Grubenhagen
Brunswick-Lüneburg | Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel | Goslar | Halberstadt | Hamburg | Hildesheim | Holstein
Holstein-Glückstadt | Holstein-Gottorp | Lauenburg | Lübeck (bishopric) | Lübeck (city) | Magdeburg
Mecklenburg | Mecklenburg-Güstrow | Mecklenburg-Schwerin | Mecklenburg-Strelitz | Mühlhausen
Nordhausen | Rantzau | Ratzeburg | Regenstein | Schwerin

Earlier Members
Bremen | Halberstadt | Magdeburg | Ratzeburg | Schleswig | Schwerin

Imperial Circles
Austrian | Bavarian | Burgundian | Electoral Rhenish | Franconian | Lower Rhenish-Westphalian
Lower Saxon | Swabian | Upper Rhenish | Upper Saxon

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