Lordship of Tarasp
Herrschaft Tarasp
13th Century - 1798

Council of Princes
Established 13th Century
To Dietrichstein 1684
Abolished 1798

The Lordship of Tarasp was an estate of the Holy Roman Empire located in the modern Swiss canton of Graubünden, around the castle and village of Tarasp. The Lordship was part of the Austrian Circle. From 1624 until 1798, Tarasp was an estate with a seat in the College of Princes in the Imperial Diet.

The Lordship was established in the 13th Century and came to the Counts of Tyrol, and when they became extinct it passed to the House of Habsburg. With the partition of the Habsburgs, Tarasp passed to the Tyrolean line. The Princes of Dietrichstein obtained the Lordship and its seat in 1684. They held it until 15 March 1798 when it was annexed into the Graubünden and abolished.

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