Lordship of Hörstgen
Herrschaft Hörstgen
unknown - 1801

To Drachenfels ?
To Myllendonk-Mirlaer 1530
To Bronchhorst ?
To Croÿ 1682
To Burlepsch 1694
To Ostein 1700
To Knesebeck 1754
Ceded to France 1801

The Lordship of Hörstgen was a small estate of the Holy Roman Empire located east of Geldern in modern North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Hörstgen was traditionally bordered by the Archbishopric of Cologne to the northeast and the Duchy of Gelders to the southwest. Hörstgen was mediate to the County of Moers, and attempts by the lords to gain immediacy were thwarted by the counts and the Archbishops of Cologne.

Hörstgen was originally ruled by the Counts of Drachenfels. It passed to the House of Myllendonk-Mirlaer through inheritance in 1530, then was passed to Bronchhorst, Croÿ, Burlepsch, Ostein, and finally the Barons of Knesebeck in 1754. In 1794 the lordship was occupied by France which annexed it outright. Following the defeat of Napoleon, the Congress of Vienna awarded the territory to Prussia, which in 1815 abolished it and attached it to the Province of Rhineland.

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