College of ElectorsEdit

  1. The Archbishop of Mainz
  2. The Archbishop of Cologne
  3. The Archbishop of Trier
  4. The Emperor as the King of Bohemia
  5. The Elector Palatine
  6. The Duke of Saxony
  7. The Margrave of Brandenburg

College of PrincesEdit

Spiritual PrincesEdit

  1. The Archbishop of Magdeburg
  2. The Archbishop of Salzburg
  3. The Archbishop of Besançon
  4. The Archbishop of Bremen
  5. The Bishop of Bamberg
  6. The Bishop of Würzburg
  7. The Bishop of Worms
  8. The Bishop of Speyer
  9. The Bishop of Strasbourg
  10. The Bishop of Eichstätt
  11. The Bishop of Augsburg
  12. The Bishop of Constance
  13. The Bishop of Hildesheim
  14. The Bishop of Paderborn
  15. The Bishop of Chur
  16. The Bishop of Halberstadt
  17. The Bishop of Verden
  18. The Bishop of Münster
  19. The Bishop of Osnabrück
  20. The Bishop of Passau
  21. The Bishop of Freising
  22. The Bishop of Chiemsee
  23. The Bishop of Gurk
  24. The Bishop of Seckau
  25. The Bishop of Lavant
  26. The Bishop of Basel
  27. The Bishop of Sitten
  28. The Bishop of Regensburg
  29. The Bishop of Meissen
  30. The Bishop of Zeitz-Naumburg
  31. The Bishop of Minden
  32. The Bishop of Lübeck
  33. The Bishop of Utrecht
  34. The Bishop of Cammin (Kammin)
  35. The Bishop of Schwerin
  36. The Bishop of Genf
  37. The Bishop of Cambrai
  38. The Bishop of Verdun
  39. The Bishop of Lausanne
  40. The Bishop of Metz
  41. The Bishop of Toul
  42. The Bishop of Liège
  43. The Bishop of Trent
  44. The Bishop of Brixen
  45. The Bishop of Merseburg
  46. The Bishop of Lebus
  47. The Bishop of Brandenburg
  48. The Bishop of Ratzeburg
  49. The Bishop of Schleswig
  50. The Bishop of Havelberg
  51. The Bench of Swabian Prelates (single vote)
  1. The Abbot of Kempten
  2. The Abbot of Reichenau
  3. The Abbot of St. Gall
  4. The Provost of Ellwangen
  5. The Abbot of Weingarten
  6. The Abbot of Salmannsweiler
  7. The Abbot of Kreuzlingen
  8. The Abbot of Schuttern
  9. The Abbot of Weissenau
  10. The Abbot of St. Blaise
  11. The Abbot of Maulbronn
  12. The Abbot of Schüssenried
  13. The Abbot of Beckenried
  14. The Abbot of Stein am Rhein
  15. The Abbot of Schaffhausen
  16. The Abbot of Einsiedeln
  17. The Abbot of Roggenburg
  18. The Abbot of Ochsenhausen
  19. The Abbot of St. Agadien
  20. The Abbot of St. John in Turital
  21. The Abbot of Gengenbach
  22. The Abbot of Königsbronn
  23. The Abbot of Roth
  24. The Abbot of Marchthal
  25. The Abbot of St. Peter in Schwarzwald
  26. The Abbot of Disentis
  27. The Abbot of Kitzingen
  28. The Abbot of Elchingen
  29. The Abbess of Irsee
  30. The Abbess of Pfäfers
  31. The Abbot of Petershausen
  32. The Abbot of Comburg
  33. The Abbot of Kaisersheim
  34. The Abbot of Herrenalb
  35. The Abbot of Urspring
  36. The Abbess of Lindau
  37. The Abbot of Rottenmünster
  38. The Abbess of Heggbach
  39. The Abbess of Gutenzell
  40. The Abbess of Baindt

52. The Bench of Rhenish Prelates (single vote)

  1. The Abbot of Fulda
  2. The Abbot of Hersfeld
  3. The Abbot of Weissenburg
  4. The Abbot of Saalfeld
  5. The Grandmaster of the Teutonic Order
  6. The Grandmaster of the Order of St. John
  7. The Abbot of Murbach
  8. The Abbot of Walkenried
  9. The Abbot of Corvey
  10. The Abbot of Riddagshausen
  11. The Abbot of Waldsassen
  12. The Abbot of Selz
  13. The Abbot of St. Maximin
  14. The Abbot of Honnecourt
  15. The Abbot of Recklinghausen
  16. The Abbot of Odenheim and Bruchsal
  17. The Abbot of Stablo-Malmedy
  18. The Abbot of Blankenburg
  19. The Abbot of St. George in Isny
  20. The Abbot of Kaisersheim
  21. The Abbot of St. Emmeran in Regensburg
  22. The Provost of Berchtesgaden
  23. The Abbot of Munster
  24. The Abbot of Mönchröden
  25. The Abbot of St. Cornelismünster
  26. The Abbot of Werden
  27. The Abbot of Prüm
  28. The Abbot of Echternach
  29. The Abbess of Quedlinburg
  30. The Abbess of Essen
  31. The Abbess of Herford
  32. The Abbess of Niedermünster in Regensburg
  33. The Abbess of Obermünster in Regensburg
  34. The Abbess of Kauffungen
  35. The Abbess of Gernrode
  36. The Abbess of Buchau
  37. The Grandmaster of the Teutonic Order as the Bailiff of Coblenz
  38. The Grandmaster of the Teutonic Order as the Bailiff of Alsace and Burgundy
  39. The Grandmaster of the Teutonic Order as the Bailiff of Austria
  40. The Grandmaster of the Teutonic Order as the Bailiff on the Adige

Secular PrincesEdit

  1. The King of Denmark
  2. The Duke of Bavaria
  3. The Archduke of Austria
  4. The Duke of Burgundy
  5. The Duke of Saxe-Meissen
  6. The Count Palatine of Zweibrücken
  7. The Count Palatine of Veldenz as the Count of Veldenz
  8. The Count Palatine of Simmern as the Count of Sponheim
  9. The Duke of Jülich-Berg-Cleves as the Duke of Jülich
  10. The Duke of Jülich-Berg-Cleves as the Duke of Cleves
  11. The Burgrave of Brandenburg-Bayreuth as the Burgrave of Nuremberg
  12. The Duke of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel
  13. The Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg
  14. The Duke of Brunswick-Osterode as the Duke of Brunswick-Grubenhagen
  15. The Duke of Pomerania-Wolgast as the Duke of Pomerania
  16. The Dukes of Mecklenburg-Schwerin as the Dukes of Mecklenburg (shared vote)
  17. The Duke of Lauenburg
  18. The Duke of Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorp as the Duke of Holstein
  19. The Duke of Lorraine
  20. The Landgrave of Hesse
  21. The Duke of Württemberg
  22. The Margrave of Baden-Baden
  23. The Margrave of Baden-Durlach
  24. The Margrave of Baden-Sponheim
  25. The Duke of Gelders
  26. The Landgrave of Leuchtenberg
  27. The Princes of Anhalt (shared vote)
  28. The Princely Count of Henneberg-Aschach as the Princely Count of Henneberg-Römhild
  29. The Prince of Henneberg-Schleufingen
  30. The Duke of Bar
  31. The Duke of Savoy
  32. The Prince of Orange
  33. The Bench of Counts of Swabia (single vote)
  1. The Counts of Helffenstein (shared vote)
  2. The Count of Fugger as the Count of Kirchberg
  3. The Count of Diessen
  4. The Counts of Fürstenberg as the Counts of Heiligenberg and Werdenberg (shared vote)
  5. The Counts of Lupfen (shared vote)
  6. The Counts of Montfort (shared vote)
  7. The Counts of Fürstenberg (shared vote)
  8. The Lords of Zimmern (shared vote)
  9. The Lord of Stöfflen und Justingen
  10. The Lord of Gundelfingen
  11. The Count of Neu-Eberstein
  12. The Lord of Geroldseck
  13. The Counts of Öttingen (shared vote)
  14. The Lord of Heideck
  15. The Lord of Rappoltstein
  16. The Lord of Ehrenfels
  17. The Lords of Stuafen (shared vote)
  18. The Lords of Thierstein und Hochkönigsburg (shared vote)
  19. The Lord of Hohenfels
  20. The Count of Sulz
  21. The Counts of Hohenzollern (shared vote)
  22. The Lord of Brandis
  23. The Count of Sonnenberg
  24. The Archstewards of Waldburg (shared vote)
  25. The Counts of Castell (shared vote)
  26. The Counts of Wertheim (shared vote)
  27. The Count of Rieneck
  28. The Count of Hohenlohe-Schillingsfürst-Weikersheim
  29. The Counts of Hohenlohe-Neuenstein (shared vote)
  30. The Duke of Württemberg as the Lord of Weinsberg
  31. The Count of Limpurg-Gaildorf
  32. The Count of Limpurg-Obersontheim
  33. The Counts of Erbach (shared vote)
  34. The Baron of Schwarzenberg and Baron of Stephanswald (shared vote)
  35. The Count of Leiningen-Hartenburg
  36. The Count of Leiningen-Westerberg
  37. The Count of Hanau-Münzenberg
  38. The Count of Hanau-Lichtenberg and Count of Hanau-Babenhausen (shared vote)

34. The Bench of Counts of the Wetterau (single vote)

  1. The Count of Nassau-Breda
  2. The Count of Nassau-Wiesbaden as the Count of Nassau-Idstein
  3. The Count of Nassau-Saarbrücken
  4. The Count of Nassau-Weilburg
  5. The Count of Nassau-Beilstein
  6. The Counts of Eppstein-Königstein and Eppstein-Münzenberg as the Counts of Eppstein-Königstein (shared vote)
  7. The Counts of Isenburg-Büdingen-Birstein and Isenburg-Rönneburg as the Counts of Isenburg (shared vote)
  8. The Counts of Isenburg-Neumagen and Isenburg-Grenzau as the Counts of Lower Isenburg (shared vote)
  9. The Count of Matsch
  10. The Lord of Polheim
  11. The Count of Manderscheid-Schleiden as the Count of Virneburg
  12. The Count of Solms-Braunfels
  13. The Count of Solms-Lich
  14. The Lord of Winneburg
  15. The Count of Moers
  16. The Lord of Aarburg
  17. The Lord of Finstigen (vacant)
  18. The Count of Saarwerden
  19. The Counts of Salm-Kyrburg and Salm-Dhaun as the Wildgraves
  20. The Lord of Daun-Oberstein
  21. The Lord of Oberstein and Rixingen
  22. The Counts of Neuenahr-Alpen and Moers as the Counts of Neuenahr (shared vote)
  23. The Count of Hoorn
  24. The Count of Sayn
  25. The Count of Zweibrücken-Lichtenberg
  26. The Count of Zweibrücken-Ochsenstein
  27. The Count of Thengen
  28. The Lord of Barby-Ruppin as the Count of Ruppin
  29. The Count of Hardegg
  30. The Count of Hohnstein-Kelbra
  31. The Counts of Hohnstein-Hohnstein (shared vote)
  32. The Baron of Wolkenstein-Rodenegg
  33. The Count of Schaumburg and Holstein-Pinneberg as the Count of Schaumburg and Gemen
  34. The Count of Sargans
  35. The Counts of Mansfeld (shared vote)
  36. The Counts of Stolberg (shared vote)
  37. The Count of Beichlingen
  38. The Count of Barby-Barby as the Count of Arnstein-Barby and Mühlingen
  39. The Counts of Gleichen (shared vote)
  40. The Count of Schwarzburg-Leutenberg
  41. The Count of Younger Schwarzburg-Arnstadt
  42. The Count of Elder Schwarzburg-Arnstadt
  43. The Counts of Reuss-Weida and Reuss-Lobenstein as the Lords of Gera (shared vote)
  44. The Lord of Pless
  45. The Counts of Reuss-Plauen and Reuss-Greiz as the Counts of Reuss and Greiz (shared vote)
  46. The Count of Wied
  47. The Count of Löwenstein
  48. The Count of Regenstein
  49. The Counts and Lords in Frisia (shared vote)
  50. The Count of East Frisia
  51. The Lord of Lippe
  52. The Count of Oldenburg
  53. The Duke of Brunswick-Celle as the Count of Hoya
  54. The Counts of Leiningen-Westerburg and Leiningen-Hartenburg as the Count of Leiningen
  55. The Counts of Waldeck-Eisenberg and Waldeck-Wildungen as the Counts of Waldeck
  56. The Count of Losenstein
  57. The Count of Diepholz
  58. The Princely Count of Landsberg
  59. The Count of Bentheim-Steinfurt as the Lord of Steinfurt
  60. The Count of Bentheim-Bentheim as the Count of Bentheim
  61. The Lord of Bronchhorst
  62. The Count of Sayn-Homburg as the Count of Wittgenstein
  63. The Bishop of Hildesheim as the Count of Spiegelberg
  64. The Lord of Reichenstein
  65. The Count of Bentheim-Tecklenburg as the Count of Tecklenburg
  66. The Count of Wunstorf
  67. The Count of Ortenburg
  68. The Count of Rietberg
  69. The Count of Haag
  70. The Count of Leisnig
  71. The Count of Bergen
  72. The Counts of Salm (shared vote)
  73. The Lor dof Reipoltskirchen
  74. The Count of Schönburg
  75. The Lor dof Degenberg
  76. The Count of Manderscheid-Schleiden
  77. The Count of Manderscheid-Blankenheim and Gerolstein
  78. The Count of Manderscheid-Kayl
  79. The Count of Salm-Reifferscheid
  80. The Count of Egmond
  81. The Margrave of Bergen and Walen
  82. The Lord of Hewen
  83. The Lord of Wildenfels
  84. The Count of Tautenberg
  85. The Count Palatine of Tübingen-Böblingen
  86. The Lord of Blankenberg
  87. The Count of Kriechingen
  88. The Lord of Rogendorf
  89. The Count of Königsegg-Aulendorf
  90. The Lord of Königseggerberg
  91. The Count of Mörsberg
  92. The Lord of Rönis
  93. The Count of Mörsberg
  94. The Count of Pyrmont
  95. The Count of Gorizia

College of CitiesEdit

1. The Bench of Rhenish Cities (single vote)

  1. Speyer
  2. Worms
  3. Frankfurt
  4. Friedberg
  5. Gelnhausen
  6. Wetzlar
  7. Cologne
  8. Aachen
  9. Metz
  10. Toul
  11. Verdun
  12. Landau
  13. Saarburg
  14. Besançon
  15. Lübeck
  16. Hamburg
  17. Dortmund
  18. Wesel
  19. Mühlhausen
  20. Nordhausen
  21. Goslar
  22. Soest
  23. Brakel
  24. Warburg
  25. Lemgo
  26. Turckheim
  27. Verden
  28. Munster
  29. Düren
  30. Herford
  31. Cambrai
  32. Duisburg
  33. Danzig
  34. Elbing
  35. Göttingen

2. The Bench of Swabian Cities (single vote)

  1. Regensburg
  2. Nuremberg
  3. Rothenburg ob der Tauber
  4. Weissenburg im Nordgau
  5. Donauwörth
  6. Windsheim
  7. Schweinfurt
  8. Wimpfen
  9. Heilbronn
  10. Schwäbisch Hall
  11. Nördlingen
  12. Dinkelsbühl
  13. Ulm
  14. Augsburg
  15. Giengen
  16. Bopfingen
  17. Aalen
  18. Schwäbisch Gmünd
  19. Esslingen
  20. Reutlingen
  21. Weil der Stadt
  22. Pfullendorf
  23. Kaufbeuren
  24. Überlingen
  25. Wangen
  26. Isny
  27. Leutkirch
  28. Memmingen
  29. Kempten
  30. Buchhorn
  31. Ravensburg
  32. Biberach
  33. Lindau
  34. Constance
  35. Basel
  36. Strasbourg
  37. Kaysersberg
  38. Colmar
  39. Séléstat
  40. Mulhouse
  41. Rottweil
  42. Hagenau
  43. Wissembourg
  44. Obernai
  45. Rosheim
  46. Offenburg
  47. Gengenbach
  48. Zell am Harmersbach
  49. Schaffhausen
  50. St. Gall