Leopold (1586 - 1632) was the Count of the Tyrol from 1619 until 1632, the Bishop of Passau from 1598 until 1625, and the Bishop of Strasbourg from 1607 until 1626.

Leopold was born in Graz on 9 October 1586 the second son of Charles II of the Inner Austrian line of the House of Habsburg. Leopold was invested as the bishop of Passau as a child in 1598 despite having not been invested as a priest. In 1607 he also became the Bishop of Strasbourg. He led a band of mercenaries in the Julian Dispute of Inheritance from 1609, first against Maximilian in Tyrol, and later in 1611 for the Holy Roman Emperor Rudolph II in Bohemia. In 1619 he was invested with Tyrol and the regency of Further Austria, and from 1623 until 1630 he was a Prince of the Holy Roman Empire.

Leopold abandoned his ecclesiastical duties in 1626 and married the widow Claudia de' Medici on 19 April. With her, he founded the Junior Tyrolean Line of the House of Habsburg which survived until 1665. Leopold warred to acquire the Valtellina from the Swiss, and in 1632 he repelled the Swedish invasion from Tyrol during the Thirty Years' War. Leopold died on 13 September 1632 in Schwaz and was succeeded by his eldest son Ferdinand Charles.

Children with Claudia de MediciEdit

  1. Maria Eleonora (1627 – 1629)
  2. Ferdinand Charles (1628 – 1662)
  3. Isabella Clara (1629 – 1685)
  4. Sigismund Francis (1630 – 1665)
  5. Maria Leopoldine (1632 – 1649)

Preceded by:

Leopold V

Succeeded by:

Urban of Trennbach Bishop of Passau
1598 - 1625
Leopold William of Austria
Charles of Lorraine Bishop of Strasbourg
1607 - 1626
Leopold William of Austria
Matthias Count of the Tyrol
1619 - 1632
Ferdinand Charles

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