Leopold IV (1371 - 1411) was the Duke of Inner Austria from 1396 until 1406, and the Regent of the Tyrol from 1396 until 1406, and the Regent of Further Austria from 1391 until 1406.

Leopold was the second son of the Habsburg Duke Leopold III. From 1391 Leopold was the regent of Further Austria, which comprised of the Habsburgs lands in Alsace, Swabia and Switzerland. In 1396 he was also made the regent of the Tyrol. In 1406 he dropped these duties to take the guardianship of Archduke Albert V, which led to conflicts with his younger brother Ernest the Iron. Leopold died on 3 June 1411 and was buried in the Ducal Crypt in the Cathedral of St. Stephan in Vienna.

Preceded by:

Leopold IV

Succeeded by:

William the Courteous Duke of Inner Austria
1396 - 1406
annexed to Austria