John VII of Schönenberg (German: Johann VII. von Schönenberg) (c. 1525 - 1 May 1599) was the Archbishop of Trier from 1581 until 1599.

John was a son of Count John of Schönenberg. In 1538 John obtained office in the cathedral of Trier, and from 1546 until 1548 he studied in Heidelberg and Freiburg im Breisgau. John succeeded Jacob III of Eltz as archbishop in 1581. John's reign was marked by widespread Witch hunting, despite the pressing dangers of plague, war, and famine throughout the archdiocese. John died in Coblenz in 1599 and was buried in Trier cathedral.

Preceded by:

John VII of Schönenberg

Succeeded by:

Jacob III of Eltz Archbishop of Trier
1581 - 1599
Lothar of Metternich