John I (German: Johann I.) (c. 1140 - 15 July 1212) was the Archbishop of Trier from 1189 until 1212.

John originated from the region around Speyer. In 1173 he appears listed as an archdeacon of Speyer and the provost of St German-Stiftes. From 1186 until 1189 he was the chancellor of the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick I Barbarossa. In September 1189 he was appointed the Archbishop of Trier.

During his reign, John reorganised the archdiocese and promoted religious life in the archbishopric. In 1196 during the renovations of the western chior of the cathedral, John rediscovered the Holy Skirt, which led to future pilgrimages to the city. In 1198 he released the city of Trier and the archdiocese from the influence of the Rhenish Palatinate.

John died in 1212 in Trier and was buried in the Abbey of Himmerod.

Preceded by:

John I

Succeeded by:

Folmar of Karden Archbishop of Trier
1189 - 1212
Theodoric II of Wied

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