Located along the southern coast of Europe, it has a formal dating back to the 5th century prior to the common era that begins with the founding of the Roman Republic. Prior to that, the Italian peninsula had been home to a fairly well developed Etuscan society.

UNIFICATION - 1870. (Same year as Germany)

Politics and GovernmentEdit

is currently without a Government despite the election of March 2013. None of the 3 largest parties can secure a majority.

They are the Democrats (Socialists + communists), the Freedom People (of the controversial sir Silvio Berlusconi), and the 5 Star Movement of the comedian Beppo Grillo (Jiminy Cricket).

Meanwhile the financial crisis worsens.


International/Inter-regional Relations/DiplomacyEdit

Finances and EconomicsEdit

Armed/Defence Forces (External defence forces)Edit

Member of Nato. Some troops in Afghanistan.

Ground-force (Army/Military)Edit



Policing and Security forces (Internal defence force)Edit

Culture and SocietyEdit


  • Romans (5th c. BC to 5th c. AD)
  • Middle Ages (6th to 14th c.)
  • Renaissance (15th to 16th c.)
  • Foreign domination and unification (16th to 19th c.)
  • Monarchy and Mussolini (1861-1945)
  • Italian Republic (after 1945)

Sciences and TechnologiesEdit

Civil (Social) ServicesEdit






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