200px-Hermann von Hessen, um 1500

Herman IV of Hesse (German: Hermann IV von Hessen) (1450 - 1508) was the Archbishop of Cologne from 1480 until 1508, and the Bishop of Paderborn (as Herman I) from 1498 until 1508.

Herman was the third son of Landgrave Louis I of Hesse. As a younger son not in contention for the inheritance of the landgraviate Herman was destined for a churhc life, and as early as 1461 he was mentioned as being a member of Cologne Cathedral chapter. Around 1462 he began his studies at the University of Cologne, and the following year gained office in Mainz. He became a scholar in Worms in 1465. He withdrew from Worms in 1471 after being elected the Bishop of Hildesheim but he was unable to obtain papal confirmation and so withdrew. In 1473 he became an administrator in the Archbishopric of Cologne. He organised the defense of Neuss with the people of Cologne against the Archbishop Rupert of the Palatinate and Duke Charles I the Rash of Burgundy. In 1478 with Hessian aid Rupert was captured and imprisoned in Castle Blankenstein, and Herman assumed the rulership of the archbishopric.

Herman was only elected the archbishop of Cologne on 11 August 1480 after Rupert died, and papal confirmation arrived the following year. After many turbulent years Herman immediately set out to reorganise the administrative and financial workings of the archdiocese, and his 28 years of prosperity and peace led to him being given the nickname "der Friedsame". On 7 March 1498 he also became the Bishop of Paderborn, after being the coadjutor since 1495. Herman died on 19 Octobert 1508 and was buried in Cologne Cathedral.

Preceded by:

Herman of Hesse

Succeeded by:

Rupert of the Palatinate Archbishop of Cologne
1480 - 1508
Philip II of Daun-Oberstein
Simon III of Lippe Bishop of Paderborn
1498 - 1508
Eric of Brunswick-Lüneburg