Herman II (German: Hermann II) (c. 995 - 1056) was the Archbishop of Cologne from 1036 - 1056.

Early lifeEdit

Herman II was the son of the Count Palatine Ezzo. Through his mother he was a grandson of the Holy Roman Emperor Otto II. One of his sisters was the queen of Poland, and after her death she bequeathed a sizeable fortune to the archdiocese. Another sister was Theophanu who was the Abbess of Essen 1039 - 1058.

Archbishop of CologneEdit

In 1076 he was appointed the Archbishop of Cologne by the Emperor Conrad II. He baptised the future emperor Henry V in 1051. Three years later on 17 July 1054 he crowned Henry the King of Germany in Aachen. The coronation sparked an outcry from the Archbishop of Mainz Arnold who claimed the honour for himself. He died in 1056 and was buried in Cologne Cathedral.

Preceded by:

Herman II

Succeeded by:

Pilgrim Archbishop of Cologne
1036 - 1056
Anno II