Herman I (German: Hermann I) (c. 870 - 925) was the Archbishop of Cologne from 890 - 925.

Early lifeEdit

Herman I was a son of Count Eberfried of the Bliesgau. Through his mother he was a grandson of Margrave Conrad II of Burgundy.

Archbishop of CologneEdit

Herman I was appointed the Archbishop of Cologne in early 890. During his tenure the suffragan diocese of Bremen was separated from the Archbishopric of Cologne. In 895 Duke Zwentibold of Lotharingia appointed him the Arch-Chaplain of the Holy Roman Empire. Herman I signed the Contract of Bonn in 921, and he attended the Synod of Coblenz in 922. Herman I died on 11 April 925 and was buried in Cologne Cathedral.

Preceded by:

Herman I

Succeeded by:

Wilbert Archbishop of Cologne
890 - 925