Heribert (c. 970 - 1021) was the Archbishop of Cologne from 999 until 1021.

Early lifeEdit

Heribert's origins are not known however it is believed his father was a Count. Heribert's education began in the Cathedral Chapter of Worms, and was continued at the Abbacy of Gorze. After his education was complete, he was made a provost in Worms. The Holy Roman Empire Otto III appointed him the Arch-Chancellor of Italy in 994. Heribert became a priest in 995, and was made by Otto III the Arch-Chancellor of Germany in 998.

Archbishop of CologneEdit

Heribert was appointed the Archbishop of Cologne in 999 by the Emperor, was confirmed by Pope Sylvester II on June 9, and was coronated on Christmas. He was with the Emperor when he opened the grave of Charlemagne in Aachen in 1000. He returned the body of the emperor and the Imperial Insignia to Aachen under fierce attack in 1002 after Otto died in Paterno in January 1002, and he sent ahead the Holy Lance to the Count Palatine Ezzo. After burying Otto and the election of Henry the Saint as King of Germany he retired from the Arch-Chancellorship of Germany.

Back in Cologne, he founded the Abbacy of Deutz. He accompanied Henry on his Italian campaign in 1004. Heribert died on 16 March 1021, and was buried in Deutz.


Heribert was mentioned in 1147 as having healed people after his death and was recognised as being beatified. His remains were reburied in an elaborate shrine in Deutz between 1170 and 1180.

Preceded by:


Succeeded by:

Ebergar Archbishop of Cologne
999 - 1021

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