For Count Henry I, see: Henry I of Isenburg-Grenzau. For Count Henry II, see: Henry II of Isenburg-Grenzau.

Henry of Isenburg-Grenzau (German: Heinrich der Ältere, Graf von Isenburg-Grenzau), nicknamed "the Elder" was the Count of Isenburg-Grenzau from 1530 until 1552.

Henry was a son of Count Gerlach III of Isenburg-Grenzau. In 1544 he married Margaret of Wertheim, and through the marriage acquired a string of territories in the Odenwald, Lower Franconia, and Lorraine. In 1548 he sent his two elder sons, John and Salentin, to the cathedral chapter at Mainz to have them educated. Both eventually became the archbishops of Trier and Cologne, and eventually succeeded in Isenburg-Grenzau. The third, Anthony, was designated his successor, doing so in 1552.

Preceded by:


Succeeded by:

Gerlach III Count of Isenburg-Grenzau
1530 - 1552

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