Henry II of Virneburg (German: Heinrich II von Virneburg) (c. 1150 - 1224) was the Archbishop of Cologne from 1304 until 1332.

Early lifeEdit

Henry was the sixth son of Count Henry II of Virneburg. In 1288 he fought with his father and his brother Rupert II at the Battle of Worringen on the side of the Duke of Brabant and the city of Cologne against the Archbishopric of Cologne.

Archbishop of CologneEdit

Henry II was elected the Archbishop of Cologne in 1304, although he did not receive Papal confirmation until 1306. In the election of 1308 he was paid to vote for Henry VII of Luxembourg by the Archbishop of Trier Baldwin von Luxembourg and the Archbishop of Mainz Peter of Aspelt. In Bonn on 25 November 1314 he crowned Duke Frederick I of Austria the King of Germany against Duke Louis IV of Upper Bavaria. On 27 September 1322 he inaugurated the new choir of the Bonn Cathedral. According to contemporaries, Henry II was a drunkard. He died on 5 January 1332 and was buried in Bonn Cathedral.

Preceded by:

Henry II of Virneburg

Succeeded by:

Wikbold of Holte Archbishop of Cologne
1304 - 1332
Walram of Jülich