Henry III of Virneburg (c.1295 - 21 December 1353) was the Archbishop of Mainz from 1328 (1337) until 1353 (1346).

Henry was a son of Count Rupert II of Virneburg. In 1328 Baldwin of Luxembourg, the Archbishop of Trier, was elected the Archbishop of Mainz by the cathedral chapter, but Pope Benedict XII instead appointed Henry. However Baldwin ruled the archbishopric until his death in 1337, Henry was a supporter of King Louis IV of Germany, which led to tensions with Benedict XII. He held a synod in 1338 to try and mediate between the Pope and King, however it and attempts to join the papal camp failed. In 1346 the Pope appointed Gerlach of Nassau his successor, and until the end of his life Henry and Gerlach argued constantly. Henry died in 1353 and was buried in Mainz Cathedral.

Preceded by:

Henry III of Virneburg

Succeeded by:

Baldwin of Luxembourg Archbishop of Mainz
1337 - 1346
Gerlach of Nassau

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