Henry I (German: Heinrich I.) (? - 3 July 964) was the Archbishop of Trier from 956 until 964.

Henry was a member of the House of Babenberg. His brother Poppo I was the Bishop of Würzburg, and another possible brother was the powerful Count Berthold of Schweinfurt. Henry was trained with Wolfgang, the future Bishop of Regensburg, in the Abbey of Reichenau. Henry and Wolfgang were later trained at the cathedral school in Würzburg by Stephan of Novara. In 956 King Otto I appointed Henry the Archbishop of Trier.

On 26 May 961 Henry, and the Archbishops of Cologne and Mainz, coronated Otto I's son Otto II king. Henry later followed Otto I on his campaigns in Italy. He died in Rome of a plague which broke out in the emperor's army. Henry was buried in Parma but his remains were later moved to Trier Cathedral.

Preceded by:

Henry I

Succeeded by:

Rudbert Archbishop of Trier
956 - 964
Theodoric I

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