Gero (c. 900 - 976) was the Archbishop of Cologne from 969 until 976.

Early lifeEdit

Gero's origins are not known with any certainty but it is known he originated from Thuringia. Some sources state that his father was Christian of Thuringia.

Archbishop of CologneEdit

In 969 Gero was appointed the Archbishop of Cologne, which at first met with refusal from the Holy Roman Emperor Otto I the Great. In 971 he arranged in Constantinople Theophanu to marry Otto's heir Otto II. On the journey he also brought the pantaleon to Cologne, which was placed in the Church of St. Pantaleon. Gero died in 976 and was buried in the Cologne Cathedral.

Preceded by:


Succeeded by:

Volkmar Archbishop of Cologne
969 - 976

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