Gerard II of Isenburg-Kempenich (German: Gerhard II. von Isenburg-Kempenich) was the co-Lord of Isenburg-Kempenich from 1329 until 1330.

Gerard II was a grandson of Gerard I through an unnamed son. After the death of his uncle, Theodoric IV, in 1329 he became the ruler of half the Lordship of Kempenich through the influence of Archbishop of Trier, Baldwin of Luxembourg, with his cousins and Theodoric's sons Simon I and Theodoric V. In 1330 Simon made himself the sole ruler of Kempenich, sparking a succession war in which Gerard brought in his allies, the Counts and Lords of Landskron, Rheineck, Schönberg, Eich, Ölbruck and the Archbishop, forming the "Red Sleeves". Simon and Theodoric also brought in their allies, and formed the "White Sleeves"

Both Gerard and Simon's forces and allies terrified and plundered Kempenich and surrounding villages. It was only after Simon was excommunicated by Baldwin of Luxembourg in his part of the destruction of the church in 1331 that the Peace of Lahnstein occurred, in which Isenburg-Kempenich was ruled to be indivisible.

Gerard had no children, and died between 1331 and 1341.

Preceded by:

Gerard II

Succeeded by:

Theodoric IV Lord of Isenburg-Kempenich
1329 - 1330
with... Simon I and Theodoric V
1329 - 1330
Simon I

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