Gerard II of Eppstein (German: Gerhard II. von Eppstein) (c. 1230 - 25 February 1305) was the Archbishop of Mainz from 1288 until 1305.

Gerard was a son of Count Godfrey II of Eppstein. Gerard obtained several positions in the church through the influence of his relative Werner of Eppstein, Archbishop of Mainz. In 1288 Gerard was elected the new archbishop of Mainz, and was confirmed by Pope Nicholas IV on 6 March 1289. Gerard like his predecessors worked actively against the power of the kings of Germany, and in 1292 supported Adolph of Nassau against the candidacy of Albert of Austria. After failing to receive armed assistance against Hesse, Gerard joined with King Wenceslaus II of Bohemia in later electing Albert of Austria. Gerard died in 1305. During his life, he was instrumental in weakening the power of the kingship of Germany.

Preceded by:

Gerard II of Eppstein

Succeeded by:

Henry II Archbishop of Mainz
1288 - 1305
Peter of Aspelt