Gebhard I of Mansfeld-Vorder-Ort (German: Gebhard I von Mansfeld-Vorder-Ort) (? - 1562) was the Archbishop of Cologne from 1558 until 1562.

Early lifeEdit

Gebhard was the sixteenth child of Count Ernest II of Mansfeld-Vorder-Ort and his second wife Dorothy of Solms-Lich.

Archbishop of CologneEdit

On 26 July 1558 he was elected the Archbishop of Cologne. His election did not have the full support of the clergy as in 1560 John Gropper, the Provost in Bonn, wrote to Pope Paul IV in an attempt to get him to intervene against the choice. In 1560 he lost the suffragan diocese of Utrecht which became an Archbishopric. In 1562 he travelled to Frankfurt to participate in the election of the next German king. Maximilian II of Austria was elected, but being too ill to make the travel to Aachen he crowned him in Frankfurt instead. Gebhard died shortly after on 2 November 1562. Because the crowning of Maximilian occurred in Frankfurt, all further coronations of the Holy Roman Empire occurred there.

Preceded by:

Gebhard I of Mansfeld-Vorder-Ort

Succeeded by:

Anthony of Schaumburg Archbishop of Cologne
1558 - 1562
Frederick IV of Wied

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