Günther (also Gunthar) (? - 873) was the Archbishop of Cologne from 850 until 863.

Early lifeEdit

Günther was a member of the Frankish aristocracy.

Archbishop of CologneEdit

Günther became the Archbishop of Cologne on 22 April 850. Günther strongly resisted attempts by the Bishopric of Bremen to become suffragan to Hamburg. In 860 Pope Nicholas I ruled that Bremen was to become part of Hamburg. At the three Synods of Aachen he expressed support for the divorce of King Lothar II of Lotharingia and Teutberga. Because of this, in 863 Pope Nicholas excommunicated Günther and stripped him of the archbishopric.

Life After the ArchbishopricEdit

Günther nevertheless continued to act as the Archbishop of Cologne, taking appropriate actions associated with it 864 - 866. Finally Günther recognised Wilbert as the Archbishop in 870 and left. He died in 873.

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Succeeded by:

Hildwin Archbishop of Cologne
850 - 863