Frederick IV of Wied (German: Friedrich IV von Wied) (c. 1518 - 1568) was the Archbishop of Cologne from 1562 until 1567.

Early lifeEdit

Frederick IV of Wied was a son of Count John III of Wied.

Archbishop of CologneEdit

On 19 November 1562 he was elected the Archbishop of Cologne. He refused to renew his oath to the Catholic Church at the Council of Trent and retired from the Archbishopric on 23 October 1567.

Life After the ArchbishopricEdit

Frederick died on 23 December 1568.

Preceded by:

Frederick IV of Wied

Succeeded by:

Gebhard I of Mansfeld-Vorder-Ort Archbishop of Cologne
1562 - 1567
Salentin of Isenburg-Grenzau

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