Frederick I (German: Friedrich I) (c. 1075 - 1171) was the Archbishop of Cologne from 1100 - 1131.

Early lifeEdit

Frederick I was a son of Count Berthold I of Schwarzenburg. He became a canon in Bamberg and Speyer.

Archbishop of CologneEdit

Frederick I was appointed Archbishop of Cologne in 1100 by the Holy Roman Emperor Henry III. Shortly after gaining office, Frederick began construction of the caslte of Volmarstein. Frederick took part in drawing up the Concordat of Worms which ended the Investiture Controversy in 1022. Frederick elected Lothar of Saxony over Duke Frederick II of Swabia in 1025, after first offering the crown of Germany to Charles I the Good of Flanders. King Lothar secured the south of the archbishopric through the construction of a series of castles.

Frederick died on 5 October 1031, and was buried in the Abbacy of Siegburg.

Preceded by:

Frederick I

Succeeded by:

Herman III Archbishop of Cologne
1100 - 1131
Bruno II of Berg